People of Lopud


It’s not necessary to talk about the importance of learning about other people. Diving into someone else’s view on life is the biggest source of learning. The community of Lopud is one I'd like to learn about.

Surrounded by the sea, seeing the influx of tourism that changes the life on the island, coping with the repeating seasonality, the core of the community remains unotouched and stays on the island. No wonder as the island itself is a gem in the Mediterranean.

I would like to create a photographic body of work on the island of Lopud. In my two short visits I couldn't but notice the warmth and authenticity of the local people. What draws me to work on the island is exploring the mental space the locals live in. How they see the beautiful island? What are their dreams? How does their relationship with the see changes as the environmental issues arise?

The goal of the project is really to get closer with the people. That's the ultimate objective. While doing that I'd like to create an intimate body of work that provides a glimpse into their world.

The work should be first of all about connection between human beings and their connection to their environment - the sea.

The sea is a key component in the life of locals. It's a natural force that brings food, but also tourist, capital and as there are no vehicles on the island. Also