This was an assignment shoot for Venkov&Styl magazine. We headed to Moravia to photograph a shoemaker David Šuška who makes custom barefoot footwear in his beautiful workshop.

My idea before arriving to the photoshoot was to work with the available natural light on location. When I discovered shooting with flashes and especially the portable battery powered Profoto B1 - I started to use it all the time, not even paying attention to the natural light on location. Time to change that, I said to myself. I was still bringing the Profoto B1X flash and an octabox in case we weren't lucky with the light, but ended up not using it at all.

Workshops are usually very interesting and photogenic places, so for me to walk in as a photographer is like walking into a playground. This place was located in a beautiful old house in the middle of a forest. The room where we shot had only two little windows located right above the work benches, which were providing just enough light to use them as subtle sources of light. I ended up setting up all the shots around those two windows (climbing into one of them and shooting from the outside - just because why not make it harder for youself right).

Working only with available light reminded me that I don't have to rely on an artificial source of light every time and that working with the available natural light is still the best opportunity to learn.

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Photographed using Canon 5DSr, Canon 35mm 1.4L, Canon 50mm 1.2L