At the beginning of this year I decided to stop for a second and think about my photography. I came up with a couple things I want to do differently and a couple I want to keep up doing. It's April now, which is a bit too late for a list of resolutions, but hey... better late than never.

  1. Substance over form

The more I look at everything I’ve shot up until today, the more I see that I tend to rely on form over substance a lot. I am slowly becoming a master at hiding behind the structures of form and I am well aware of that. I get easily attracted(distracted) by patterns, light, shapes, colours and turn them into the object of my pictures.

What I miss in my work though is telling a story. It's the simplest thing, which you can’t hide behind the fact that you’re shooting this film and using these and those kinds of lenses and cameras… Tell a story, then focus on the form. That’s my goal for this year.

  1. Overcome the attachment to gear

It’s not a uncommon thing for me to carry multiple cameras (mostly unnecessary) on photo trips and jobs. Constantly thinking about the camera and lens that I desperately need, because it’s gonna help me take better pictures and surely revive the passion for photography. And it might, but the excitement you get with a new camera fades quickly. And trust me it fades with every camera.

Buy books, not gear. In fact, sell gear. I was surprised how little I actually need to do what I do.

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  1. No more missed shots

Every time I walk around with my camera, one of my biggest goals is not to miss a shot. You know, the decisive moment and all...

And it happens to me all the time - I see a scene I want to photograph, but instantly a dialog starts in my head - is it worth shooting, am I gonna be quick enough, are my settings good, is it gonna be in focus, am I gonna disturb anyone by taking the picture oh and what about the cost of film…? By the time I answer these questions - the moment is gone.

No more of these, shoot first, think later. I’d rather have a blurry shitty photo and be happy that I took the chance, than regret not taking the picture and seeing it in my head for the next years… And I have plenty of those.

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  1. Shoot film for commercial assignments

I love shooting film for multiple reasons and for the last year I shot loads of it for personal projects. This year I want to try shooting more film for commercial assignments. I see that my style of shooting differs when I use for example Canon 5D and Mamiya 7. Different cameras make me see different things. I want to bring more of my “careless-film-personal-shoot” eye to the commercial projects.


  1. Shoot more

It’s easy to just wait for the perfect assignment to pop up, but it might never happen. This year I want to plan a larger personal project that honestly means something to me and commit to it.